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Hi again everyone. Thanks so much for returning for another read of this beautiful regional magazine.

This issue I’m going to talk a little about how to communicate better with your hairstylist to get the best out of your visit. We are only human, so remember that what we can achieve depends on a lot of factors including; environment, health, diet, medication, general well-being and that’s before we start on what is being done by ourselves to our hair when washing, drying, styling and sleeping.

Have a clear plan in place using pictures and a realistic result depending on lifestyle and budget. If you’re not 100% sure what’s going on, please just ask as we really do want you to understand the process so your visits can be amazing and relaxed.

Be honest and we will be able to get the best results. Keep in mind that hair touching your shoulders is around 3-4 years old, therefore we need to know what’s been done to your hair in that time.

Let’s chat about getting the hair and scalp ready for spring, which to me, is one of the best seasons for hair. There is more moisture in the air so the scalp will feel more hydrated and not too much moisture that the hair gets frizzy.

We should all still be deep-cleansing/purifying our scalp and hair every few shampoos to remove any impurities from the scalp that day to day life puts there and when we do this to help the hair by using a treatment.

Now to what’s in fashion and coming is music to my ears; bobs, bobs, bobs and lived-in hair. That’s correct! the Bob is coming back (not that it ever goes away) and this timeless haircut is amazing for everyone as everyone can have a variation of a bob. Just speak with your hairdresser and they will advise you on which length and type will really suit you and your lifestyle.

Lived in looks are huge as well which is great for all the busy people out there. This includes the guys. So stock up on your sea salt spray and just spritz and go. The less you do to these looks, the better use powders and dry shampoos add to the lived-in texture.

If you blokes don’t like to wash and leave your hair when styling, use less effort. Almost do it with one hand and if the haircut is correct, the style will still happen in most cases.

Well, that’s me for another issue. I'm so excited to cut some bobs! Always remember, advice is free so contact me anytime for hair/scalp issues you have and remember be as clear and honest with your hairdresser. We really do love to make you look and feel beautiful. As always, remember 'Hair is Confidence'!

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