Local Scene with Aleisha Fahey

How long have you lived in the Scenic Rim for?

I moved here 15 years ago when I was 17 and lived on a local horse stud. I rode horses, stable cleaned and attended to farm maintenance. I loved it, it was the best time of my life. I still relate so much of my life back to that.

What's your favourite thing about being a mum?

Where do I start? All of it. I like early wake-ups, I love bedtime snuggles, I love lounge room dance parties (we have those every day). Summer forces me to go on little adventures with her like going to find golf balls in the gully that she’s hit down there with her dad. Summer loves her chickens and collecting eggs. She used to be terrified of them. We’re always out with the horses too.

As a parent, what are your struggles and highlights?

The biggest thing for me, just like everybody else, is having the balance of social and lifestyle and sometimes with kids, that can be difficult to find. I always try and meet Summer where she is comfortable and happy. Taking her somewhere that doesn’t work for her won’t work for me in the long run. If it’s not fun for Summer then what is the point. My life is really dedicated for the most part to my children. In saying that, most of the time Summer is the life of the party. That’s her best quality. She’s the biggest brightest star of the show all of the time and her personality just screams “I'm hereeee I was made for this”. And then to fit in a newborn baby with health issues on top of that is difficult. Since Will was 2 weeks old, he's had difficulty breathing. At 5 weeks old, Will was hospitalised and put on oxygen. We still don’t know what's wrong until he undergoes surgery. But surgery keeps being put off because he keeps contracting basic colds. Lucky for us, he’s an A1 baby in every other way. He feeds, sleeps, gains weight and loves his sister Summer. So to answer your question, my struggles and highlights have been made better because my kids are awesome. They wouldn’t be who they are if things weren’t as they are. We’ve become stronger as a family unit because if we didn’t, we would just fall apart.

What did you do before having kids?

I managed an optometry practice before I had kids. And before that, it was all mainly horses. I went to get my eyes tested one day and the lady asked me if I would like a job. She said I had a great personality so I said yes! I did my training in optical dispensary and the rest is history. I was the only person there for such a long time and didn’t have any holidays. I’ve seen 3 different owners in the practice. I still go back there and I have a great relationship with the current owner. I’ll probably end up going back even though I quit. They tell customers that I’m on an extended holiday.

I’m also a Napoleon Perdis academy trained makeup artist. I’ve been doing it for three years now. I enjoy it but it’s definitely hard on family life. Early hours, late finishes and weekend work. It’s definitely good to have that creative outlet but it’s hard not having a 9-5 gig. It’s fun though, that's why I started it.

Free time is rare when you have children. What does 'me time' look like for you?

I literally squeeze a maximum of 2 hours one day a week for myself. That is my sanity and Maggie my horse is my therapy. That little ride gives me time to think, have a cry, smell my horse and hang out with her. That just puts everything back into perspective. Sunrise on horseback is good for the soul. But I also love home decorating. Tidy spaces are a tidy mind. Once I feel that my home is in the right space then so is my headspace.

Tell us your favourite places to visit in the Scenic Rim.

Definitely Moogerah Dam. The views are to die for, it’s great for the kids and the coffee is good at the Dam Cafe. I love the horse riding trails especially Lillybrook in Coulson. The Story Tree is my favourite coffee shop to visit because Summer loves going to see the owner, Tan, and has come out of her shell so much since going there.

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