Life is like a Waterfall

Life is like a waterfall... it only works if you let it flow.

Our bodies are the most impressive machines. As we know, the human body is made up of thousands of cells that are the building blocks of life. How many cells do we have I hear you say? No one really knows, but they estimate it's around Seventy Trillion Cells!

They are still in the process of scientifically proving that each cell in your body holds memories, so that is a lot of places for information to hide; not only in your brain but your whole body. 70 trillion cells each holding memories, as you can imagine much of this information must be locked away or basic functioning would be impossible to maintain. Locked away from the conscious mind means that if you do not know how to unlock information in these locked vaults, they can continue to play out patterns that you are not consciously aware of in your life. Enlightened to me means that you are learning lessons in life and making peace with some of the memories that you have contained in all those cells.

Being able to access those memories through different forms of therapy is a great gift to be given. Helping people to access information that is locked away, finding the right key to open the door for people, is one of my greatest pleasures. This includes helping to bring peace into someone's life or give them the strength to move obstacles so they can become the powerful beings they deserve to be.

My first experience of Kinesiology was when I went to a chiropractor and they used it to release muscles and unlock structural problems I was having. While I was having the treatment, all of a sudden I had all these memories flood into my head from many years ago. I asked the chiropractor what was happening and she said I must have had some memories stored in that part of my body that were traumatic. I never forgot that and thought it was amazing and wanted to learn more.

One day 22 years ago I saw an advertisement for Kinesiology classes so I decided to sign up. This was a turning point for me as I continued to study many different types of not only kinesiology but anything that would give me a greater understanding of how to open these doors for people. Working with many other therapists gave me greater access to information as well and has given me a very rounded healing ability.

I have recently moved to Tamborine Mountain and have fallen in love with it. So much so that I have now moved my clinic here as well. Set in a beautiful bush setting, that in itself is very healing. I have found that my work has become more powerful as well. My Clinic will be open Tuesdays to Thursdays and selected Saturdays. Book your appointment today.

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