Hair for Mum

This edition, I'll be covering advice for all the pregnant women and new mothers out there as my beautiful wife Rita has just given birth to our baby girl Eden and has undergone a number of changes in her hair and scalp.

First of all, congratulations and enjoy every minute. During pregnancy, your body undergoes a number of changes with your baby requiring all the nutrients available. As a result, your hair is bound to suffer during this time of growth and hormonal changes. This is inevitable. We can, however, make sure you utilise lots of hydrating products for your hair to put back in as much as moisture as possible. In saying this, the hair and scalp can also get oily during certain trimesters depending on the individual. So for those days, you will need to purify the hair with a deep cleansing shampoo.

After your baby is born, there are many cases of hair loss from the body adjusting to everything. Especially when breastfeeding. This can and possibly will carry on for six months after you cease breastfeeding. Here are three things you can do that will keep this to a minimum;

One — Purify your hair once a week with the deep cleansing shampoo

Two Try not to tie your hair back too much (I know it's easy when there is a baby and no sleep). If you do, don't tie back too tight and definitely not when wet

Three — Brush your hair at night before bed. This is the best time as our body regenerates most when resting.

A great idea for everyone, especially mums on the go, is dry shampoo (which I know my wife loves). Make sure you purchase a good dry shampoo recommended by your stylist and brushing it out before a shower or bed is definitely advisable.

For the parents with older children, I’m sure you’re all aware the formal season is coming up? Let's start prepping for it now; book their hair and makeup trial appointments ASAP as hair salons get pretty busy during this time of year. It also gives everyone peace of mind and makes the day so much smoother!

Here at Wish Hair Studio, we have an on-hand makeup artist available to make it a one-stop shop (including beer and wine for the parents).

On a final note, I am really enjoying sharing all of my hair advice and I truly hope that this has helped you! If you have any specific hair-care questions you would like me to touch on, please don’t hesitate to email the salon at or call in anytime.

As always, remember 'Hair is Confidence'!

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