Hair with Wish Hair Studio Issue 4

It’s almost winter, so I’m going to give you all you need to know about what you to do with your hair for the cooler months. This involves looking at the best things for your hair and scalp, and also what’s current in the way of being on trend.


Now we are over the hot summer months, it’s a great time to rehydrate both your hair and scalp. Small things like regular brushing morning and night will help the scalp to produce all the natural oils you need for healthy hair. Using a flat brush is best for this; something like a paddle brush as these usually have the correct bristles to not damage the hair when dry. Ask your stylist about doing a hair and scalp treatment on your visit as they will have the answer for all your problems as everyone is unique.


Take a few minutes once a week to get the hair back into a healthy state so you can have a few changes over these cooler months with things like warmer tones by using toners and semi-permanent colours to help with shine and condition. We have been seeing lots of rose gold and pastel pink tones coming onto the salon lately especially in those blonde guests and warmer browns mixing a little copper in there for added shine.


One of the big things for the next few months is fringes of all lengths and textures. Micro fringes for those quirky people out there or soft textured full fringes cut with a razor to give a lived-in feel or bangs which will soften any haircut. There is a fringe out there for anyone and a great time to do it as the cooler weather means we don’t perspire as much so it will lay better. The fringe is also a great softener for the ponytail lady’s out there.


For the guys, don’t forget to use a regular purifying shampoo as this will keep the hair on your head longer. We’re known for using products to keep our hair looking the best but this could potentially block up the scalp, so by using the purifying shampoo, this will remove any product or dirt we have leaving the scalp in tip-top condition to grow healthy hair.

It’s also the time to think about your beard. If you get dry skin under the chin, ask your hairdresser or barber for the correct product as there are lots out there now.

During the winter months let’s remember to not go to bed with wet hair, hair is up to 70% weaker when wet and when sleeping and moving around will put pressure on the individual hair causing it to snag and possibly break. Damp environments could also cause dandruff or other scalp conditions.

Well, that’s a wrap for this seasons advice. Remember we’re only a phone call or visit away and advice is totally free!

Happy styling!

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