Local Scene with Susie Cunningham

It’s your 10th wedding anniversary in September this year, congratulations! How did you and Zac first meet?

Zac and I grew up together in the bayside suburb of Wynnum. We’ve known one another since we were kids! As we matured into young adults, Zac couldn’t wait to take me camping at his favourite place in the world, Mt Barney.

Zac gave me my very first taste of the Scenic Rim, and it’s really special that we’ve now made our home in Beaudesert. We can see Mt Barney sitting on the horizon when we go for our morning walks!

How did Zac propose?

Well. Zac doesn’t really do things by halves. As a young apprentice cabinet maker (and full-time teaching student, don’t ask me how he did those two things at once!), he saved his pennies and gave me a really special proposal.

He told me to pack for the beach, and before I knew it we were boarding a plane for the central Queensland coast.

Once we arrived at Rockhampton airport, we boarded a small light plane bound for Great Keppel Island. When we got there we realised it was actually closed to the public! So I hopped up on the pilot’s shoulders and jumped a tall barbed wire fence.

We went through the abandoned resort site and snuck under some security tape to an abandoned beach. Zac had packed a picnic in his duffle bag and popped the question over lunch.

That afternoon we caught the 2 planes back to Brisbane and drove up to Maleny for a quiet dinner to celebrate. It was the fanciest meal we’d ever had, and the cherry on top was that someone in the restaurant secretly paid for it.

If you could redo your entire wedding, what would be your ideal day? Ceremony, venue, dress etc.

Our wedding was a really special day as it was, and we were pretty relaxed & just let everyone lend a helping hand if they wanted to.

If we got married again today, we’d have a bigger celebration and invite all our family and friends to the reception. We’d probably have it at one of the beautiful scenic local spots like O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyard, or Kooroomba Vineyard & Lavender Farm. I’d wear the dress I wore on the front cover of Country Scene Magazine! It was so beautiful to wear.

Do you have anything special planned to celebrate your anniversary?

We’re hoping to renovate our kitchen actually, haha! That’s what we’re saving up for. We’ll probably also go away for a special weekend where we honeymooned.

What advice do you have for keeping the marriage ‘alive’?

Always put the other person first, especially in the small things. Everyone comes home tired from work, but dinner still needs to be made and the dishes still need to be washed. If you can consider one another in the little things, the bigger things don’t seem like such a big deal.

Those are Zac’s words!

I also think it’s important to truly appreciate and value one another for who you are, quirks and all, and just let the other person be themselves. There’s nothing quite like that feeling when someone knows you really well and still thinks you’re the best!

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