Hair with Wish Hair Studio Issue 3

This issue we will be discussing everything weddings. It’s all about the hair for both the bride, groom and all the wedding party involved.


For the groom start planning your hair 12 weeks beforehand. Visit your hairdresser/barber three times before the big day. Talk about what you would like to see on the day and have a practice run with them. Take pictures as a guide so you can fine-tune the haircut you like and which products you may need. Especially if you’re doing your own hair on the day as this makes a huge difference to your pictures on the day. Also take into account as much as you can, the weather when choosing the correct product/s.


If you’ve committed to bridesmaid duty, start doing weekly treatments three months prior to the big day. Also speak to the bride regarding colour, length and the style so you can take this back to your own stylist. This is the brides big day and you will still look amazing.


As for the mother’s of the bride and groom on the day, try and keep your hair simple with a blow-dry to look your best, relax and enjoy the day.


Remember your hair is your crowning glory on the day. While your hairstyle may not be something you’d usually wear on a day-to-day basis, ensure your hairstyle is comfortable so you can relax and enjoy the most important day of your life. Prepare from the minute you book your wedding with the correct products making sure it will look its best on the big day. Have a goal which you and your stylist agree is achievable. That way everyone is working to achieve the same result.


Every time you can on regular visits, practice some styles you like as this will help you to feel at ease on the day. One month beforehand, get a clearer vision for the big day by saving images. This will when you chat with your stylist. Bring any hair accessories with you during all the trials as this will help you see the end result.

Some brides will be dreading hair for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons we find is the bride feels like there isn’t enough hair to create the ideal look. Don’t worry about this as there are some amazing thing we can do with hair pieces that clip into the style on the day resulting in fuller and thicker hair. If you’re not sure on what clip in pieces to get, most stylists can recommend which brand to work with and be able to match them to your colour during your visit.

If you are not a regular client to the stylist doing your hair or if you’re unable to see them prior to your big day, always send pictures as this will help them to be prepared for the visit. Remember to enjoy the whole day and prepare as much as you can.

Happy styling!

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