Beauty with Beauty by Tilly Issue 3

In the heart of our Scenic Rim’s growing town, Kalbar, lies a quaint salon called Beauty by Tilly located in the family-run Fassifern Hair Beauty & Massage building.

With over 7 years experience, I have a passion for making clients feel uplifted, empowered and fulfilled. I love for my salon to be a haven for clients to feel ultimately relaxed and refreshed. My passion is not just performing treatments offered, it is forming relationships with my clients whilst performing a service whether that be Manicures, Pedicures, Tanning, Massage or a Facial, the connections made are just as important.

I endeavour to keep with the current beauty trends with that being sharp, bold brows at this present moment, a trend I do enjoy and transforming brows with a product called brow henna.

I recommend brides start on a good skincare routine six months to one year before your wedding day. incorporating home-care and salon skin treatments. Home care can include:

• Skincare Regime – Doesn’t need to be extensive Cleanse, Scrub, Moisturise is essential

• Use an Active Serum – Vitamin A & C are the best

• Vitamin A serums encourage healthy skin cell production, helps clear away acne with its skin cell production turnover eliminating the dead skin cells from causing clogged pores and acne and keeps the skin youthful and glowing

• Vitamin C Serums boost collagen production to give plump and smooth skin helps with fine lines and wrinkles

• Never wear makeup to bed- a big NO! No matter how late it may be or how flawless you would like to look waking up in the morning near your new husband or partner always remove your makeup at night

• Double Cleanse – Whether you are wearing makeup or not always double cleanse, first cleanse removes dirt/makeup and second cleanse cleans the skin

Salon treatments such as microdermabrasion facials benefit in removing dead skin cells allowing the skin to look perfectly smooth and give that glow.

I love anything to do with the skin. If you would like to get on the right track for your wedding day with a personalised skincare routine, I am more than happy to offer plenty of advice and give a skin analysis to get you on track. The salon does perform skin treatments such as microdermabrasion facials using and recommending Nat. Skincare. This skincare range is also sold in-store.

So if you are passing through the little Scenic Rim town of Kalbar and looking for a bit of TLC, Beauty by Tilly is a great little gem worth going too.

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