Hair with Wish Hair Studio Issue Two

Welcome to the next edition of this amazing magazine highlighting some amazing things to see and do in the Scenic Rim.

As the weather warms and the humidity rises, I would love to share some tips and tricks to help you through the next few months.


The most important thing in our climate is to make sure our hair is in the best condition it can be. To achieve this, regular trims are a must! As professionals, we recommend between 5 and 8 weeks maximum as this will help reduce the hair splitting, which slows down the chances of the humidity getting into the hair.


There are lots of products out there to help with humidity. As always, check with your professional as they can recommend exactly what you need from oils, to leave in conditioners and anti-humidity hairsprays. For all you swimmers, beach babes and outdoor people out there, use products with sunscreens. Most professional brands will stock a suitable product for your hair containing sunscreen.


A few style ideas to get your hair out of the way start with a little preparation. Prep the hair with a mouse and apply before blow-drying as this helps to make the hair manageable. This will make it easier to braid your hair and also makes it easy to pin up. A softer hair-down idea is to braid your hair (dry) then iron the braid. This will give a beautiful spring/summer look with very little effort again.

Volume is a great way to avoid your hair getting oily at the roots as it won’t be touching the scalp which is one of the places where we all, unfortunately, in this heat, get a little sweaty. For you curly-haired people out there, moisture is the key for hair before you go into the hotter temperatures. Ask your stylist for a few ideas when you’re in there chair as we love to share 2-3 different looks on each style.


Finish your going out hair with a heat tool (using protection) as this will seal the cuticle down, in turn, slowing down the process of the humidity getting inside the hair. Also, there are accessories such as donuts for hair to create a few different buns or messy top knots styles. Make life simple by splitting hair into a few sections 2,3,4, work on each section taking away the drama of having lots of hair to deal with.

As a hairdresser working in Australia over the years, I find something as simple as a good chat with a stylist who knows your hair best is always the way to go. The topics I always talk to my clients about are semi-permanent colours to help with the condition, treatments on a regular basis and oils which are now super lightweight. Remember to stay hydrated inside and out. Keeping your body temperature cool has a huge effect on your hair.

Happy styling!

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