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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Local pharmacy returns home to its original roots to help the community.

Beaudesert locals, Casey Clark, Gabrielle Hopley and Donna Simpson are passionate about helping the local community, as they themselves are part of the local community.

In a true full circle moment, the now named Scenic Rim Discount Drug Stores, once originally owned by Casey & Gabrielle’s father, was the natural way for the Clark family to once again give back to the town that once cared for and supported the family when they moved there in 1985.

Ms Clark says the purchase of the pharmacy was prompted by her passion to better serve the health needs of her hometown and give back to those who supported her family.

“Much of this community supported my parents when they first moved to Beaudesert over 30 years ago, taking us under their wings, so this town has always been and will always be home to us” continues Ms Clark.

“Purchasing the pharmacy is our way of being able to give back to the community and help serve their health needs in a familiar way. Our town can be assured that despite the change, the staff are still the same friendly faces.

“We want to be able to give consumers access to great customer service and advice, while being able to offer better pricing. Through the support of being part of a brand, such as Discount Drug Stores, we want to be able to create efficiencies that allow us to spend more time with our customers, to better serve their health needs.”

The pharmacy will offer a range of professional services including:

- Medication packaging with free delivery

- Sleep apnoea services

- Diabetes clinics

- Heart health clinic

- Medication reviews

- Baby weighing station

The team are also hoping to soon have a baby nurse available for customers.

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