Hair with Wish Hair Studio Issue One

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

I'm Andrew Hughes, the owner and creative director of Wish Hair Studio in Beaudesert, and here is a little bit of my history.

I have been in the industry for almost 26 years working all over the world with many talented hairdressers and hairdressing brands. With numerous awards under my belt, I now own my second salon, with the first salon being in England, UK.

During my career, the industry has changed massively for the better, now caring more for the guest's needs when entering the doors of the many salons out there. As we know, this can be a terrifying experience for a lot of you out there. The industry is very diverse, and with social media, can make the impossible look possible. With that being said, I'm here to give you some tips and tricks for an amazing experience when visiting the salon.


This may seem simple, however, over the years it’s a forgotten skill. Experts say to wash your hair twice a week. This allows the scalp time to recover from washing and to adjust to the correct state. Always wash your hair twice with shampoo concentrate directly on the scalp, as the ends will be cleansed enough as the soap washes down the hair. So no need to scrub the ends or pile it on your head and rub, as this will cause unnecessary knotting or tangling. Once rinsed, squeeze out the excess water and apply conditioner away from the scalp through to the ends. Putting conditioner on the roots will block the sebaceous glands on the scalp causing excess oil and leading to a dry scalp.


About every third or fourth shampoo, use a treatment, which is different to conditioner. This penetrates the hair shaft repairing the hair from the inside out, whereas conditioner only lays on the surface of the hair giving it a cosmetic feel. When choosing the correct products, always consult a professional as we are trained to diagnose and give correct advice tailored to you, such as a doctor giving the correct treatment.


There are so many things said about sulphates and parabens on social media and marketing. I would like to give some sound advice on these. A sulphate is a soap which is what makes the shampoo lather. Yes, there are bad ones out there, however, the professional brands spend millions of dollars on researching the safety of them and finding the best ones for you. A paraben is a preservative that keeps the products safe to use over and over. As there are lots of bad parabens, consulting a professional will help determine the safest and most effective products suitable for your hair.


The Spring/Summer season has lots in store for you with dramatic changes. My predictions for this year is definitely fringes of all types. From short micro fringes to longer sweeping fringes and heavy grown out looking fringes. Also, width in styling; a little flatter on the top, with waves and curls in the bottom two-thirds of the style. Colour will still progress to the cooler pastel shades, however, we will start seeing some warmer more luxurious tones creeping in as well.

Lastly, ask about your salon's bonding system as this will keep the integrity of the hair structure whilst in the salon, and also at home. This will help achieve a greater result each visit. They are also simple to use at home and only differ slightly from different manufacturers.

I hope you find these tips useful and I look forward to the next edition where we can go into more exciting things! Always feel free to pop into the salon for any hair or scalp concerns.

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